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Jan 28, 2009 at 02:55 AM

DB2 error in file db2nodes.cfg on HPUX cluster instalation


I am installing ECC6 SR3 ABAP + DB2 V9.1 in cluster environment on HPUX IA64 + ServiceGuard.

I am with the following problem, DB2 software does not function in second node.


node1: host1

node2: host2

virtual host: vthostci

virtual host: vthostdb

ServiceGuard Package

pkgdb (hostnames host1/vthostdb)

pkgci (hostnames host2/vthostci)

Shared Disk

/usr/sap (on package pkgci)











components installed on node1 (sapinst use virtual hostname)

ASCS on vthostci

DB Instance on vthostdb

CI on vthostci

components installed on node2

Creating Operating System Users (sapinst)

without problems until here, but when movement the DB instance and the ASCS to node2 the DB2 instance does not function, it presents error in the file db2nodes.cfg.

the file db2nodes.cfg contains the following line:

"0 host1 0" (the physical hostname the node1)

My problem is... How to configure DB2 Software/Instance on both node the HA cluster?

Another question, on ERP 2005 SR3 the db2 software is automatically installed by SAPinst in the following directory:/db2/db2<dbsid>/db2_software.

That is correct in cluster environment? because /db2 is shared disk.

Please help me