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Jan 27, 2009 at 10:14 PM

Setting up material movement/inventory with limit locking time


Dear all,

I need to implement 2LIS_03_BF,2LIS_03_BX and 2LIS_03_UM for inventory and material movement. I know the procedure but the problem is I only have an hour downtime to lock other users for posting and it will take more than 7 hours to fill up all tables for BF and UM. I just wonder whether do you have any tips and tricks to get it done with limit downtime?

for example, if I would like to start to initialize tonight

Can I run OLI1BW & OLIZBW for to filll up the tables first for old data e.g. 1/1/2007 to 1/26/2009? Tonight after I lock up all other users, can I just run MCNB and then initialize BX in BI and then run OLI1BW just for today (but it should add up the old data which I have already filled for BF) and then initialize BF in BI and then OLIZBW just for today and then initialize UM in BI.

SInce I only fill MCNB and OLI1BW & OLIZBW for 1 day, it will take less than an hour to do. is it feasible? does anyone tried it? thanks.