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Jan 27, 2009 at 09:27 PM



I have the following scenario

1. User enters a date range

2. Query shows say the KPI1 (Total) drilling down to the following characteristic

Office | Date | Office Type KPI1(Total)

ABC 01.01 Period 50

ABC 01.01 Modern 10

Result 60

ABC 02.01 Period 50

ABC 02.01 Modern 10

Result 60

ABC 03.01 Period 50

Result 50

ABC 04.01 Modern 10

Result 50

Overall Result 220

The overall result and the sub results are wrong they should be 240 and 60 respectively. KPI1 is a replacement path variable which is getting No of rooms from an object OfficeType which is compounded with Office.

The reason for the problem is the transactional data does not contain office types on certain days. Can I show the correct results for every day and if so how? Thanks