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Jan 27, 2009 at 09:21 PM

User of Technical User to get connection using Connector gateway Service!!!


Hi All,

I am exploring the use of "Connector Gateway Service" to execute RFC/BAPIs from Portal JAVA Applications. I got the code snippets from SAP Help site. Was just wondering how can we use a "Technical/Service User" to get a connection to the SAP Backend system.

What I mean is, the code

Object connectorservice = PortalRuntime.getRuntimeResources().getService( IConnectorService.KEY);
    IConnectorGatewayService cgService =(IConnectorGatewayService) connectorservice;
ConnectionProperties prop =new ConnectionProperties(request.getLocale(),request.getUser());
    connection = cgService.getConnection(sapsystem, prop);   

In the above code, the service gets a connection to the backend system defined by the alias "sapsystem" and the "request.getUser()" which has a valid logon ticket to backend system.

Is it possible to use a technical user instead of the request.getUser() principal??? The technical /service user wont be a dialog user. Just a technical user of the ABAP system and has permissiont o execute RFCs.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you, John Miller