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Jan 27, 2009 at 07:46 PM

Exchange Profile SLD name


Dear Expert

I need to know what is the right value for the parameter in a PI 7.0 with HA Solution implemented?

Documents and notes said that the value must be formed according the following rule:

is.<system number of central app server>.<host name of central appserver>

but in a HA scenario, which are the correct values?

Example :

CI Physical Hostname = cihost

DI Physical Hostname = dihost

Virtual Hostname = hahost

CI number = 02

DI number = 03

ASCS number = 00

SCS number = 01

Currently we have is.02.hahost but we are facing errors with JCo RFC Providers in J2EE engine

We try with is.02.cihost but self-registration in SLD did not work after changes were made it. so we have to roll back to is.02.hahost

Someone could help me?

Thanks a lot

kind regards.