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Former Member
Jan 27, 2009 at 07:24 PM

Error transporting transaction code


Hi Experts,

I am trying to transport a transaction code someone created with SE93 from DEV to QAS. The ABAP report tied to this t-code is already in QAS but not the t-code itself. What I did was open the t-code with SE93 in DEV, and click the save button, thereby initiating a transport (in hopes of moving this transport to QAS).

The problem is when I create a change request for this transport, it says the transport is "invalid" (You cannot use request xxxx (request type invalid)) and would not let me create the change request.

An ABAPer colleague of mine checked this out and notified me that the reason for this most probably is that the package being used has an "Original System" foreign to our own.

Now, I am stuck. It seems SAP would not let me transport this t-code to QAS. I know I could probably go into QAS and create the t-code manually with SE93 but would much rather go through the "official" transport procedures to move objects, especially if this needs to be moved to PRD at a later date!

Does anyone have any possible insights on how I can resolve this issue and transport the transaction code?