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Jan 27, 2009 at 06:18 PM

customer partner determination proceudre



I have created a Account group ZALL [OBD2].

1.NOW I defined a number range [XDN1].

2.Now assigned number range to Customer account group ie ZALL.

3.Now i have defined the partner functions ie SP , BP, SH and PY.

4.Now i defined partner determination procedure ie ZPLL.

5.Now i am assigning partner functions to partner determination procedure ie ZPLL .I have assigned only two ie sp and BP.

6.Now i assigned account group ZALL to ZPLL.

7.Now assigned partner functions to Account group.

Here i assigned all four functions SP ,BP,SH and PY.

My concern is

->Scenario1:when i am creating customer ,two parnter functions SP and BP defaulty came and now i am trying to add py manually in customer master . I am getting the error like " in the table TPAER the entry ZPLL PY is missing".

Cant we add this manually?How to add manually the parnter functions in CM.

->Scenario2: I have only one partner function ( SP) assinged to Account group and 4 partner functions (SP,BP,SH,PY)assigned to Patner determination procdure.

when i am creating customer all the 4 pfs came but only SP has number assigned by the system and rest of the three are balnk , when i am trying to input the number ,giving the error " Customer 400033 has not been created".But in scenario1 SP and BP have numbers assigned by the system.

Please guide me