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Jan 27, 2009 at 05:15 PM

Updated field in CO01 unrecognized



I update production scheduling profile (caufvd-sfcpf) in user exit EXIT_SAPLCOZF_003 at CO01. I added the field to HEADER_CUST and it is transferred outside. İt is a field of a subscreen. The transaction starts with the general tab and if I do not open the subscreen 130 the effects of this field do not take place.

I did this to automatically create batches at save. All other stuff work. caufvd-sfcpf is assigned correctly bu the subscreen still needs to be open. How can i activate this field or subscreen at initialization of CO01. I tried to call the subscreen or run the PBO and PAI of this screen in the background in user exits, but I couldn't.

caufvd-sfcpf is assigned as a foreign key at the subscreen. Could this be the problem?

Thanks in advance.