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Jan 27, 2009 at 05:15 PM

Assign a value from dropdownlist to input field value on BSP page



I'm new to SAP and ABAP. We have a CRM project in which I have to maintain BSP pages.

Now, coming to my problem: I have a input field with value = "//BTAdminH/HeaderInfo". This field is normally maintainable. The required function is now to set this field as not maintainable/readonly. Then, the value should be set automatically to an value, which will be selected from a dropdownListBox. After saving, the value HeaderInfo should have the same value like the selected value from the dropdownListBox.

How can I now set the field as readonly (this should be the easier part) and

how can I set the value for the HeaderInfo to the value of the selected value from the dropdownListBox?

If I set it directly like this

value = "//BTActivity/Priority"

it is shown on the BSP page correclty, but it is not saved as HeaderInfo.

Please help me.