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Jan 27, 2009 at 02:42 PM

Dynamically controlling values in dropdown based on values selected in prev



I have to create a dashboard with the 3 select component Year, Premium Type and Sub Type in Xcelsius.

The user when select one year say 2008, a bar graph should automatically populate with the premium amounts of YR2008 and prior Year YR2007.

Besides, I want to ensure that when the user selects a Premium Type dropdown of DWP OR NWP, then the only choices available for section in the Sub Type Premium Dropdown should be 'Cancelled' and nothing else, however if the user selects any other Premium Type except DWP or NWP, then the drop down values in the Sub Type drop down should be populated with all values ('MON', TUE', and the 'Cancelled' ). How do you do this in Xcelsius. Can you control the population of values from one drop down based on what has been selected in another combo box.