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Former Member
Jan 27, 2009 at 02:33 PM

SCV corrupt after import a new namespace - importing backup failed



we imported a new namespace into an existing SCV (via export transport-file).

(Attention: the SCV is not registered in SLD! It was a SCV-import from a company without the sld-metadata)

After the import ALL other namespaces (!!!) were invisible and only the new imported namespace was visible.

We reentered all other namespaces and - super! - all objects of these old namespaces have been visible.

After deleting an object of a namespace, the whole SVC was ... i don't know ... deleted or it is corrupted, because it doesn't exists anymore / it is not visible in the SVC-tree of the integration builder.

We tried to import an old backup of the whole SCV (an exported transport-file) and we got an import-error "missing value for objVersion".

What does it mean?

Any solution for our problem?