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Former Member
Jan 27, 2009 at 12:24 PM

static query layout


Hi all,

i have a query in workbook, the query result is inserted in a sheet and based on that result sheet i format and populate the other sheets, my requirement is to make the result query layout stattic so even if the is no transactional data the layout of the columns is always the same, for example:

A B C, chars

K1 K2 K3, KFs

the result now if there is no trans data for char B

  A  C
k1  1  8
k2   0 9
k3  1  5

the result needed (even if there is no trans data for char B)

  A  B  C
k1  1  0 8
k2   0 0  9
k3  1  0  5

hope that's clear.

Thank you.