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Jan 27, 2009 at 12:13 PM

Problem in displaying selection options in report


Hi Team,

There is a report running in production. It has one select option for data element PROJ-PSPNR.

But the requirement changes and the selection option should be for PROJ-PSPID instead.

I started changing the code in development box and deleted the selection text in text element for previous select option and put the description of the new one.

In development it is showing perfect. I transported the transport request to quality and pre-production.

In quality also it is looking fine. But in pre-prod, the text option of the select option is not coming. Besides the icon on the button at the right of two text boxes of that select option is also not showing.

(The button on which we click to input multiple values in the select option).

Now I am in a fix. Why this is happening and what I should do?