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Connect to SAP gateway failed Connect_PM TYPE=B

Hi experts,

I get the following error when i ping through JCO destinations on portals.$Exception: (102) RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Connect to SAP gateway failed Connect_PM TYPE=B MSHOST=imtsapdev01 GROUP=CLUST R3NAME=DMI MSSERV=sapmsDMI PCS=1 LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode ERROR partner '' not reached TIME Tue Jan 27 16:39:54 2009 RELEASE 700 COMPONENT NI (network interface) VERSION 38 RC -10 MODULE nixxi.cpp LINE 2823 DETAIL NiPConnect2 SYSTEM CALL connect ERRNO 10061 ERRNO TEXT WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused COUNTER 1

However my JCO destinations were working perfectly until recently. I checked on the logon group. I have one called CLUST, which i use for this purpose.

I have also checked both service files and they have the following for the ECC server im connecting to.

3610 because its system number 10 i am connecting to.

sapmsDMI 3610/tcp

From the JCE destinations screen i cannot even ping the server. I can though when i log on to the server through remote desktop.

thanks and regards


as a reply to nishants posts.

goto rz70

give hostname -->

service --> sapgw00 (sapgw(instance number)

execute it

click on yes

check rfc call (success or failed)

I have done this. i left hostname as "blank" gave service as "sapgw10"

The following is what i got as the output.

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDRFC

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDMSGSRV

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDIPSERV

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDINSTSP

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDINSTSC

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDGWSRV

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDDBSYS

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDCOMPSYS

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDCLIENT

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDBCSYS

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDAPPL_SERV

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Execute program: SLDASSOC

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Collection of SLD data finished

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Data collected successfully

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : RFC data prepared

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Used RFC destination: SLD_NUC

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : RFC call failed: Error opening an RFC connection.

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Existing periodic jobs removed. Number: 1

0: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Program scheduled: 20090127 184357

1: IMTSAPDEV01_DMI_10 : Event-controlled job already exists; scheduling not necessary

so i guess its not successful. when i look at rz70 of a server where this works correctly its not succsessful either

if it is success then technical system name will be in sld

to restart sld --> /sld --> administration --> stop server --> restart server

or check in VA --> SLD data supplier value --> Runtime

I checked this and i do not see aa problem. you have configuration status as valid and send reult as Success

Services file is locted on OS level of R3 system--> Goto --> Start --> Run -> (type)Drivers(enter) --> etc -> (here is services file)

check ur r/3 server entry is there or not,

I have the followng in the service file for the server

sapmsDMI 3610/tcp

if not add it

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    Jan 27, 2009 at 06:49 PM

    Something is wrong with the gateway host definition. It is going to localhost on the portal server, not the real location. That is why you see the


    part of the message...

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      Hi Michael,

      You were right. something was wrong with the sap gateway, when i looked at the trace files they indicated to delete some conversation. I restarted SAP and everything started working again.

      thanks again.