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Former Member
Jan 27, 2009 at 09:09 AM

Leaving Action Date not refleting properly


Dear Expert,

We have implementing Germany Payroll for our client. We have created the actions like - Deputation Initiation, End of Deputation which is similar to Hiring & Leaving.

While executing End of Deputation action, system is not taking the actual date given in all the info types. For Ex : End of Deputation date is 31.08.2008. But while excecuting the action IT0000 & IT0001 system is taking end date as 31.08.2008. But IT0006, IT0009, IT0014 & the customised info type which we have cretaed are taking the end date as 30.08.2008.

Please note that we need to pay salary for 31.08.2008. Please suggest how can I get froward??

Thanks a ton in advance


Damodar Pai