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Jan 27, 2009 at 08:58 AM

Restrict BBP_MON_SC


Hi SRM-gurus,

I found thread bbpmonsc:

"Does anyone have any experience with the restrictions on Monitor Shopping Cart?

When using BBP_MON_SC we would like to restrict the access to only those within same purchasing organization.

We have added the purch. org object id to the role, however when searching we still see results from other purchasing orgs."

This is exactly what we'd like to do in your SRM 5.0 system. The solution sounds quite simple with Badi BBP_WF_LIST and filter BUS2121.

But how to filter on the POrg? This is not a simple filter, right? How should the coding look like?

Thanks for your help. Answers will be rewarded with points.

Best regards,