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Jan 27, 2009 at 07:57 AM

Error durig FTP Command Execution


Hi All,

I run the SE38 --> RSFTP002

and putting below parameters

User: ENGO
Pass: xxxxx
Host: 10001
Command: put c:/ftp.txt /In_test/ftp.txt

it takes 10 minutes when execute and got bellow error.

Execute FTP Command

put c:/ftp.txt  /In_Test/ftp.txt
NIECONN_BROKEN:TCP/IP Network Connection Broken in getreply()
TCP/IP error, connection terminated

FYI .... i m facing this issue in my office LAN while it is working fine when i execute it from my home mean

different connection(DSL).

how can i resolve this issue and where is fault?

advance thanks,