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Jan 27, 2009 at 06:50 AM

Timesheet Approval in EP (CATS_APPR_LITE)



We are using CAT2(timesheet entry) transaction (using a transactional view) for timesheet entry in EP for cProjects.

Similarly for CAT2 approval - CATS_APPR_LITE is also being done in EP.

For approval, we have a scenario wherein the supervisor is required to approve more than a 1000 timesheets in a week. Selecting these and approving these in EP is a tedious task.

Is there a simpler way to do this in EP?

Multiple selection is possible, but even this is tedious, there is no select All option

The way the supervisor would like to go about the approval process is u2013 he knows his team, so if he gets a view where he sees the total for an employee and he is okay with this and would approve all the timesheets and where he finds discrepancies only those he can reject

Or is there a way to summarize all records from one employee into a summary line, which the supervisor could drill-down as required or approve the summary record

Would appreciate whatever help, pointers to solve this.