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Jan 27, 2009 at 06:03 AM

Cannot register servers to the CMS


Hi all,

We are running CE10 (Express) on a SBS2000 machine (very old I know!) . Everything was working fine until we installed a new SBS2003 domain controller on the network.

When I rejoined the 2000 machine to the domain, most CE services stopped running. I now have the problem that the Crystal Input/Output File Repository, Crystal Job, and Crystal Program Job servers still will not start.

In the Crystal Config Manager I can't get all the servers to Enable. Only the Crystal Cache and Web Component Servers are currently enabled.

When I attempt to enable the others, the following error message appears,

"A server running on a machine different from the CMS machine may not register to the CMS when using the Express version or a per processor license. The product must be upgraded"

This doesn't make much sense as all the servers (including the CMS) are still on the same old 2000 machine. I have changed nothing but the local administrator password, which was changed in line with the new domain admin password. I wasn't involved in the original CE configuration, but as far as I can see there was no dependency on the old domain controller.

Hope someone can help, as I've tried lots of things and completely run out of ideas.