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Jan 27, 2009 at 05:12 AM

Stock issue at the time of creating partial devlievery


Hi Gurrus,

I am encountering a very serious issue and need your help.

I am creating a partial delievery of a material "400000510". In the batch split screen system is showing that a batch "abc123" has an available quantity of "72,200" pacs that means that this batch has an 72,200 in unrestricted stock.

When I am running MMBE system is showing that batch "abc123" has 0 stock in unrestricted and neither any quantity in restricted , quality inspection or block.

please help me out that how can I resolve this issue, why system is showing 72,200 pacs at the time of delievery, while MMBE showing 0 stock.

I have checked MB52 as well and system is show 0 stock.