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Error in STMS - The TMS configuration is inconsistent

Hi gurus,

Yesterday I installed the SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP14 with S.O. Win 2003 server and D.B. Oracle version.

When I tried to configure the STMS I´m facing with a problem... the system send me a error "The TMS configuration is inconsistent" and when I open the error details it show me a information "tp configuration note completely distributed"... I search a lot to find a valid solution for this and I don´t have sucess, I don´t achieve a answer / suggest that solve this error...

Please give your suggestion to resolve this issue as snow as possible.

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

João Dimas - Portugal

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1 Answer

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    Posted on Jan 27, 2009 at 10:12 AM


    Please check the Note 1144208 - TMS Tendering: Inconsistent tendering template

    Settings under the Transport Management System do follow the steps.

    All the below settings has to be done in satellite system not solution manager

    1. Define Transport Routes for System Landscape

    Go to Transaction STMS

    Choose Overview -> Systems.

    Double-click each system.

    The Display TMS Configuration: System <system ID> screen appears.

    Select the Transport Tool tab page.

    If the entry CTC does not appear in the Parameters column, enter it there, and then in the Value column, enter 1.

    Save your entries.

    Configure Transport Strategy

    Go to Stms Transaction

    Go to Menu Overview  Transport Route

    Doule click on Each System

    In the Transport strategy group box, select Single transports

    (since only Import Single and Import Project All are used).

    In the Quality assurance group box, deselect Delivery after confirmation

    1. Choose Continue.

    Activate TMS Trusted Services

    Go to Stms Transaction

    Choose Overview -> Systems.

    Choose Goto -> Transport domain.

    In Management Tab

    In Security Options group box

    Click on Trusted Services Active

    Go to QA Approval Procedure

    You should not assign any QA approval system there

    Save your Entries

    Call Transaction STMS.

    Choose Overview  Systems. The system overview appears.

    Choose SAP System  Create  Domain link.

    The dialog box Request for Linking 2 Domains appears.

    Enter the system name, host name and system number of the domain controller you want to link to, and then confirm your entries.

    Your SAP System performs the following actions automatically:

    o Generates the required RFC destinations.

    o Sends the address data of the controller to the controller in the other domain.

    You can now see that you have requested the domain link to the other domain in the system overview.

    Click the Distribute and Activate TMS Configuration ICON on the Application Toolbar

    After that Go to SAP System  Check  Connection Test, transport directory and transport tool

    Check all once whether it is having inconsistency.

    4.Check Configuration of Transport Domain

    Log on to every domain controller that is connected to your transport landscape.

    Call transaction STMS

    Apart from the information "You are logged onto the domain controller", you should not be able to see other messages or warnings.

    Generate RFC Destinations to Client 000

    Call Transaction SMSY.

    Go To Landscape Components

    Go to your Satellite System

    Click on the Domain Controller System

    In the Right side Tab strip, Click on the Clients, Select 000 client Click on RFC generate Button

    Give the User name for Read Access and Change Manager

    Click the OK Button to Continue

    Add Import Authorization to Operator/Administrator

    Make sure that the operator and administrator users in client 000 of the target systems have the same name as their user in the Solution Manager system.

    Assign import authorization to the operator and administrator users in client 000 of the target systems (SAP_CHANGEMAN_OPERATOR and SAP_CHANGEMAN_ADMIN roles).


    Sreedhar Reddy

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    • Hi there,

      I´ll try to describe what´s the solution I adopted for this problem I announce here at previous posts.

      When I acedded to STMS in Solution Manager system the default value for transport domain was the Production System that it had been already installed and work on that system landspace environment, but I didn´t want it as the domain of the solution manager system. So when I tried to change it I always got the error "The TMS configuration is inconsisten". So I found what´s really happen... the transport tool didn´t recognize it as your own transport domain system!!

      So for that I made one thing, I went to RZ10 and put/define the parameter DIR_TRANS =

      sapmnt rans in Instance Profile and after that I made a system restart so that was applied in the system. After this it was already possible to setup/attribute value transport domain of solution manager system to STMS.

      It was this way I solved the problem.

      Best regards

      João Dimas