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Jan 26, 2009 at 07:11 PM



Hello all

I have a question:

Until now we've bought and sold our products by meters, from now on we want to sell them by boxes.

For this, i thought to add 2 UDFs to the order rows, in one of them i'll write the quantity of the meters my

customer wants and the second one will be a calculated field in it i put a formated search that divide the

quantity in the first UDF with the meters in that box, something like select round($[$38.11.number,0).

i have to use the round function, because in each boxes there are 1.23 m2 1.44 m2 1.67 m2 etc.

when i get the number of boxes, i put another formated search in the quantity field that takes the quantity of

boxes and multiple it with the quantity of meters in the box.

- is that a reasonable solution?

- i get an error with that formated search i wrote above.

- what is the wright syntax for a function in a formated search sql sentence.?

thx a lot