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Jan 26, 2009 at 05:44 PM

Can't pass event from WebDynPro to JspDynPage - why?


I Created JSP project and embedded in main page script (in its title),

which subscribes to event by EPCM API,

EPCM.subscribeEvent("urn:ru.intertech.common.wd.component", "save",   go);

and created WebDynPro page that fires event using, when pressing on some bution:"urn:ru.intertech.common.wd.component", "save", navUrl);

but first code newer receives that event...

why so ?


for test reason I tested firing EPCM event on same JSP page,

and it was received,


I tested receiving Portal event "urn:com.sapportals:navigation", "Navigate"

it was received on same JSP page.

both iViews is not URL isolated according their properties.

WebDynPro package is:

package ru.intertech.common.wd.component;


note from else people expirence:

Does it important that receiving and firing side must be in same package? as written there:

"The problem was that I created the Sender Application in package "com.sender" and the Receiver Application in "com.receiver".

I created them in the same package and it works."

What means domain for JSP page or WspDynPro component?

Does it important?


JSP code is (changed script formattin to be able to post here, and removed else business content):

[hbj_content  ]
  //alert["title started"];
  //EPCM.subscribeEvent["urn:com.sapportals:navigation", "Navigate", eventHandlingFunctionName];  
  //EPCM.subscribeEvent["urn:ru.intertech.navigation:epcm", "Navigate", eventHandlingFunctionName];  
  //EPCM.subscribeEvent["urn:ru.intertech.navigation:epcm", "Navigate",   pop];    
  //EPCMP.subscribeEvent[ "urn:ru.intertech.navigation:epcm", "Navigate", window,"eventHandlingFunctionName"];

    EPCM.subscribeEvent["urn:ru.intertech.common.wd.component", "save",   go]; 
	EPCM.subscribeEvent["urn:com.sapportals:navigation", "Navigate", eventHandlingFunctionName];  
	EPCMPROXY.subscribeEvent["urn:ru.intertech.common.wd.component", "save"  , window,   go]; 

  function eventHandlingFunctionName[ eventObj ]
	alert["title started=" + eventObj.sourceId + ": " + eventObj.dataObject  ];
  function go[ evt ]
	alert["go started=" ];
   <hbj:form id="myFormId" >