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Jan 26, 2009 at 05:43 PM

Selective Message Throttling in XI



I have a peculiar problem.

I have a scenario IDoc --> XI --> SOAP (WS). There are two receivers for the interface so I do message branching.

The message volume is pretty high with several thousand messages in few seconds.

The issue is one of the receiver needs these messages near real time and is able to keep up with the volume. However, another receiver to these messages can receive these messages delayed and is not able to keep up with the volume.

I dont want to create two different messages from the source. I would like to somehow throttle the messages in XI for the second receiver so that it can keep up with the volume.

I cannot control these with the number of threads for the adapter as I use the same adapter type for both receivers. Is there a way to set the number of threads by channel or some other way so that I am controlling the number of messages I sent to the second receiver?