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Jan 26, 2009 at 02:57 PM

calculate the mean of an account


hello friends

i have a dimension account in which one particular account which gives me problem

imagine you have an acocount A

you have an input scedule where you write in

2007.MAR Account A Entity E1 value 30

2007.JUN Account A Entity E1 value 60

when you look in a report the agregated value on time dimension on 2007, you don't add the 2 values, but you nead the mean ( 30+60)/2

actually, whenever you want to see an agregated value on any dimension, for this special account, you don't add the values but calculate the mean

how can i do that, except of using formula column in every dimension sheet which will make things more difficult i feel

please tell me if the question isn't clear

thanks in advance for guidance about this problem