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Territory management for service tickets

Nov 08, 2016 at 06:32 PM


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Currently we have organisation work distribution set up for email channels. We want to use the territories functionality to route tickets to specific territories based on the country. Following steps have been followed

1. Employees exist within the different territories

2. Ticket routing rules have been created i.e. if country is Spain, territory is Spain. I think this is the consumer country rather than the ticket country which is not ideal and I'm not sure what happens if there are no consumer details

However when a user from Spain logs in, there are no tickets under 'tickets in my territories'. Is there something missing?

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2 Answers

Gabriele Bodda
Nov 23, 2016 at 12:19 AM

Hi Nathalie,

It sounds like your setup is correct, but let me highlight again the steps required:
1. Create a Territory structure based on your routing needs (e.g. a territory for Spain, one for France, both under the Root territory)
2. Assign agents to the territories they are supposed to support. You do this by adding the employees to the Territory Team.
3. Define Ticket Routing Rules to assign tickets to Territories based on their attributes.

Once this is done, every new ticket should be automatically routed to a territory. You can check if the routing is working by looking at the Territory field within a ticket. All employees in the corresponding Territory Team will see the ticket under "Tickets in My Territories". Please note that access restrictions still apply, so they may be blocking the user from seeing certain tickets.

Kind regards,

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Nathalie Oguntona Nov 28, 2016 at 04:54 PM


I've sorted out the set up. Would you expand on what you meant in terms of access restrictions?

Should there be any difference in the territory team as far as the Party Roles? In one tenant, I've used a mixture of Employee Responsible & Processor and it worked whilst in the other tenant, Processor did not work

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