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Jan 26, 2009 at 01:33 PM




Hope all are doing fine!!!

parameters: c1 as checkbox default 'X',
                  c2 as checkbox.

selection-screen begin of block b1.
 select-options: fld1 for bukrs modif id group1,
                       fld2 for kunr modif id group1,
                       fld3 for belmr modif group2,                          
                       fld4 for gjahr modi group2.  
selection-screen end of block b1.

selection-screen begin of block b2.
 select-options: fld5 for bukrs modif id group1,
                       fld6 for kunr modif id group1,
selection-screen end of block b2.

my requirement is metioned below:

whenever user selects c1 flag.., only block b1 is mandatory.....and when user select c2 only block b2 is mandatory..

and at the same time,,if user selects c1 flag the group1 fields should be mandatory if group2 is not filled...,and vice versa i.e., group2 fields should be mandatory if group1 is not filled

Looking for possible resolutions for the same!!

Thanks & Regards,


Edited by: Julius Bussche on Jan 26, 2009 2:37 PM

Code tags added. You might want to try using the search as well as using a more meaningfull subject title in future.