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Jan 26, 2009 at 12:09 PM

Generate Posting Date for Payroll Periods


Hi experts!

I need to run Post to accounting -> Execute Run as a simulation.

But It shows me an Error:

The posting date for period 01/2009 for payroll area A2 is not maintained

I check,

Activities in the HR System -> maintain posting date for payroll periods -> Generate Posting Date for Payroll Periods

1. Parameters

2. Period Parameters 01

3. Date modifier 00

4. Initial year 2009

5. Final year 2009

6. Source date ID 01 Payday

7. Target date ID 01

8. Difference in days

4). I suppose the first payroll period of the year, if the employee stars on january2009 the date will be 2009. Is it right?

5) Specify the year until which the generation should run. Is it meaning the date 2009 again?