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Jan 25, 2009 at 03:32 PM

content access for anonymous user in portal over internet



We have to display only a webdynpro abap iview in portal for anonymous users over internet.

We have created a webdynpro abap iview with authscheme "anonymous" and assigned it to "guest"user in anonymous group and gave end user permissions to this iview for whole anonymous group.But when trying to display portal thru url http:<host>:<port>/irj/portal/anonymous?guest_user=guest it is throwing redblood error "Exception id: 05:50_25/01/09_0041_3692550".

But when i created a simple url iview "" i am able to display the iview.

Also i tried taking the webdynpro abap application URL and created a url iview but no luck throwing the same redblood error.

I read in help that ume.logon.anonymous_user.mode shud be set to " 1" Named anonymous users.

When trying to search for parameter "ume.logon.anonymous_user.mode"in "" config tool i am not able to find that parameter. Our portal is in 2004s sp14.

ume.login.guest_user.uniqueids is set to "guest" user.

My concern now is:

1. Is SSO issued for anonymous users for Named anonymous user

2. Can we display Webdynpro abap iviews as anonymous content to anonymous users.

3. The WDiview is throwing redblood error both in intranet as well as internet.

4. Where can i find this paramter "ume.logon.anonymous_user.mode" in configtool for EP7.

Please suggest me on how to proceed on this.