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Nov 08, 2016 at 05:17 PM

Import Scenario - Two FO's with almost 30 days between them


Hi Gurus

I'm trying to set-up the following import scenario:
1) Vendor for product A is located in Texas
2) The product cross the border in Laredo
3) My receiving plant is in Mexico City

In this scenario, I create a PO in S4HANA which travels to SAP TM as an OTR planned with requested quantities. This type of OTR creates the freight units automatically.
The rule for PU/DLV is D- Pickup and Delivery Date exactly on requested date.

The transportation network is as follows:

1) I have 1 transp. lane from vendor 86000 to Trashipment location ZT_LAREDO
2) ZT_LAREDO is assigned as Transhipmento Location to 8600
3) I have 1 transp. lane from ZT_LAREDO to plant 1101

These are the planning data I think is the most important: Optimizer Settings and Cost Settings

When planning I create 2 FOs 1 from Vendor to CrossBorder and the other fromo CrossBorder to my plant. This is correct but the problem are the dates because as you can see in the image there is 1 month between the first FO and the second

I'd like to have
1) 1 FO with two stages
2) 2 FO with 1 stage BUT with no such time between both freight orders

Any Idea on how this can be reached?
Thank you in advance


fusdates.jpg (49.1 kB)
fos-stages.jpg (49.4 kB)