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Jan 24, 2009 at 05:54 PM

Pick and pack confusion


I am slightly confused by this process and I need some clarification please:

We want to use the Pick and Pack process for our Export business where consumer goods are packed in Units, Boxes (that contain 6 units) and Pallets ( That contain 144 Boxes). We also have the need to print a detailed Delivery Note.

I went through the process of A/R ORDER, then create a Pick List by going to Pick Pack manager/OPEN, then RELEASE, then DELIVER. This created a Delivery document but I am confused:

a. Where is the DELIVERY NOTE and how do I print it out? Where is the PLD for the DELIVERY NOTE?

b. On my DELIVERY NOTE I need details of the way the units were Packed (box No), (Pallet No) etc. - I did find the Define Packages Option and I did setup the relevant Packages but I do not know how to place them on my relevant PLD - what is the relevant Table for this information please.

c. How can I jump directly to the DELIVERY stage without the Pick/open/release/deliver stages, in order to make the process easier?

Any information would be appreciated



PS I read a document about this process but the last stage and the creation of the Delivery Note document was not clear