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Jan 24, 2009 at 05:32 PM

Diff between indicator and sales doc block in vov8


hello gurus.

what is the use of the indicator field? what is the difference between indicator field and sales document block?

in one of the thread i read this explanation .

Some of these might not be required by end users and need to be blocked so that wrong document types are not chosen. so an indicator 'X' is placed againt these document types and these can not be used.

There may be some documents wherein manual creation might not be allowed, and auto creation is desired. so againt these doc types-'A' is placed by which these doc types can not be created manually,

Other sales doc types might not be blocked so that they can be used or created manually, hence kept blank against the indicator field.


for material entry type i got this thread.


explain me on this and difference also .

1.what is the use of indicator field , if possible with one example?

2.Difference bet indicator and sales doc block fields?

3.what is product catelog and where to configure it and its use.

thank you for all your reply.