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Former Member
Jan 24, 2009 at 03:52 PM

regarding negative billing


Hi Friends,

We have two discounts one for 1.spare discount(k021), and another 2.billing discount(k022),

1.when we r maintaining spare dicount in sales order with the value more then basic price value

then netvalue becomeing negative, then system showing error "pricing error(negative).then system not allow to save sales order

2.when we r maintaining billing discount in sales order with the value more than basic value, then net value becoming negative, then system is not showing error and allow to save sales order, delivery, and billing and allow to posting to accounting with negative value.

now our requirement is system has to show error and not allow to save order in case of biilling discount (k022)also

y system is show error in case of spare discount and not in case of billing discount, where is the configuration diff, and wat changes we hav to do for billing disc condition type(k022) for not allowing negative billing

plz reply soon