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Jan 24, 2009 at 03:12 PM



First of all hello everybody,

In spite of being involved with balance sheet and P&L query I´m facing a problem never had before. We´re using the virtual infocube 0FIGL_V10 and its own query provided by Business Content.

Up to yesterday everything worked fine and showed up balance sheet and its nodes properly according to report in ECC. FI consultants decided to make changes in Balance Structure and turned on both credit and debit indicators in a couple of nodes. From then on relationed accounts did not appear within balance sheet but below unassigned nodes, obviously it should work properly once updated data by means of signs and so on. I removed content and reload 0GLACCEXT (its hierarchy), 0GL_ACCOUNT and infocube 0FIGL_C10 and kept failing.

Even i checked if function module supported by 0FIGL_V10 was modified and not at all.

Does anyone know what´s wrong? Is a problem of ECC customizing (don´t think so but...)? Am i missing any step?

Any suggestion would be appreciated...

Thanks in advace.