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Jan 24, 2009 at 07:14 AM

Can you do conditional selection of drop down values between 2 boxes



I have a scenario where if the Premium Type is ABC or DEF then the bar in the Xcelsius chart will show the totals of Premum for YTD, however if the premium Type is GHI or JKL then the bars in the graph should show 'Amt' Earned. I have to depict a bar graph which depicting the YTD Amounts by Year and Prior Year. When a User selects a Year, the graph should automatically be generated for the current year and the prior year.

How do you accomplish this ? Do you perform this conditional formating at the Excel side or at the the Universe layer. If the answer is at the Universe layer then how do you accomplish it.

Secondly, If I hav 2 drop down boxes, say Premium Type and Sub Type, then the value of Sub type drop down box is iether 'A' or 'B' if Premium Type drop down value selected in :D", however if the user picks value of "M" from the Premium Type dropbox, then the value in the sub type combo box should show only 'C' and 'H'. (In short can you control the drop down values to be displayed in one combo box or filter based on the selection of another. )