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Jan 24, 2009 at 06:08 AM

Loading Exchange Rates and Indexes form



I have loaded the exchange rate form when the rate is not update for the current date.

when i click the menuid of my form,iam checking whether the exchange rate is set for current date.if not i have loaded the exchange rate form by activating the menuid of that form.

My requirement is , i want to load as like SAP Functionality.That is,On closing of exchange rate form (i.e., On clicking OK) i have to load my form.How should i achieve this.Pleas help me to solve the issue.

This is my Code:

Private Sub SBO_Application_MenuEvent(ByRef pVal As SAPbouiCOM.MenuEvent, ByRef BubbleEvent As Boolean) Handles SBO_Application.MenuEvent

If pVal.BeforeAction = True Then

If pVal.MenuUID = "ProductionEntry" Then

oExRs.DoQuery("Select * From ORTT Where RateDate = '" & Date.Today & "'")

If oExRs.RecordCount = 0 Then

SBO_Application.SetStatusBarMessage("Exchange Rate not Updated")


BubbleEvent = False

End If

End If

End If

End sub

Thanx in advance