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Jan 23, 2009 at 07:13 PM

Problem with Table Filter!



I have a problem implementing the Table filter, I develop a Web Dynpro that shows in the table information from R/3, using the Bapi_Flight_Getlist.

In the method Sort work ok, but the problem is whit the Filter funtion.

I follow this tutorial, but whit some changes for to filter the table that get information from the Bapi_Flight_Getlist,


But I get the following Error when I try to filter: DataNodeInfo(MyTableApp.Source.Output.Flight_List): value node is created without a reference

I have the following nodes:

Source = all data node

TableSet = Filter Values

FilterAtributes=Filter Atributes

Class MyTableAppView

 public static void wdDoModifyView(IPrivateMyTableAppView wdThis, IPrivateMyTableAppView.IContextNode wdContext, view, boolean firstTime)
    //@@begin wdDoModifyView
	if (firstTime) { 
	  IWDTable table = (IWDTable)view.getElement("Table_0"); 
	  wdContext.currentContextElement().setTableSorter( new      
		  TableSorter(table, wdThis.wdGetSortAction(), null)); 
			  new TableFilter( table, wdThis.wdGetFilterAction(),  
								(IWDNode)wdContext.nodeSource().nodeOutput().nodeFlight_List(), null ) ); 

  //@@begin javadoc:onActionSort(ServerEvent)
  /** Declared validating event handler. */
  public void onActionSort( wdEvent )
    //@@begin onActionSort(ServerEvent)
	wdContext.currentContextElement().getTableSorter().sort( wdEvent, 
	 wdContext.nodeFlight_List() ); 

  //@@begin javadoc:onActionFilter(ServerEvent)
  /** Declared validating event handler. */
  public void onActionFilter( wdEvent )
    //@@begin onActionFilter(ServerEvent)
			wdContext.nodeSource().nodeOutput().nodeFlight_List(), wdContext.nodeSource().nodeOutput().nodeFlight_List()); 

Class MyTableApp

 public void wdDoInit()
    //@@begin wdDoInit()
	Bapi_Flight_Getlist_Input input = new Bapi_Flight_Getlist_Input();