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Former Member
Jan 23, 2009 at 06:15 PM

COPA Operating concern change (acct based vs. cost) How affect BW extract?


We are thinking of changing our COPA datasource to start capturing for both types (now is cost-based, want to add acct based). So we will be changing the ACTIVE indicator for the controlling areas in our existing operating concern to 4 from 2.

blank = Profitibility Analysis is not active

2 = Only costing based Profitibility Analysis is active

3 = Only account based is active

4 = Both costing and account based is active

Do you have any experience with doing this after you are already live with option #2? I would assume the datasource will need regenerating, thus all the new fields will be available. I guess this will also break the delta. Not sure if we should recommend a new operation concern or have the same one setup for both?

Any experience with this situation?