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Jan 23, 2009 at 04:00 PM

Is it possible to clean up SAP's HTML and JavaScript? (NW05SR3_DEV)


Hi. I'm trying out SAP for first time and getting a feel for how it works.

The first things I immediately noticed were that the HTML it generates, aside from being a horrible nested mess of tables, has no doctype with DTD, forcing all browsers into quirks mode, making cross-browser styling far more trouble than it should have to be.

Additionally, much of the interface JavaScript fails in most browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome etc - which these days are around 30-45% of the general browser market or more, depending on the local network) due to IE specific assumptions, or simple sloppiness (like assuming firstChild is a specific node without either searching, using an ID, or ensuring the HTML does not have empty space that could cause text nodes to appear).

My question for the forum is:

1) Is it possible for me to fix this sloppiness on my local instance, and if so, where would I look to do it in a generic fashion (specifically, adding a doctype and dtd, fixing bad styles, fixing bad javascript).

2) Is there a way to file bug fixes to SAP itself?

3) If I wanted to rewrite the overall horribly clunky HTML itself, is that possible in a reasonable fashion?


Addendum. It appears the version I'm using is a little behind the curve. Perhaps this has been fixed up a bit in later versions of SAP. It'd still be useful to have an idea of where I could go to fix CSS/JS/HTML errors though.

Also, it'd be nice if I could find an up to date version of SAP for linux to test.

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