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Jan 23, 2009 at 02:59 PM

Graphing Time Data


I have a report that pulls data from a phone system database. Each record has the amount of time spent talking, waiting, holding and ringing for each person as numeric fields showing the total number of seconds for a block of calls. I've been able to create the report and write formulas that convert the seconds for each field into a time field. But of course it converts it to a specific date which is not what I really want. If they run the report for a large time period like a month, then there will likely be more than 24 hours in the hour position which the function trucates to a single day.

As a work-around I've been able to use formulas to calculate the number of hours/minutes/seconds and then create more formulas to calculate the summary and grand totals for each person. Not the best solution, but it works. My problem is that now they would like to add a graph to the report showing the average total time spent on the phone for each person.

Of course I can't graph my calculated time since the formulas result in a String value. And it doesn't seem to want to let me sum a time field so I can graph a true time value either. I thought maybe I could convert my finished average time per person into a time value at the group level since that wouldn't be over 24 hours, but that didn't work either.

Was hoping someone would have some experience in working with time data. Any suggestions would be helpful.