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Jan 23, 2009 at 01:12 PM

getting error in GP callable Object(implementation Code)


Hi Frndz..

I have 3 quires on GP n itz configurations those

1)Am developing an GP callable Object , am following this doc

In the Interface component controller when i opend implimentation tab by default am getting an error like IGPWebDynproCO object has defined out of the class.

And when an adding the IGPExecutionContext ele in bigen others also itz showing an error that this can't be resloved eventhough if am using Organise imports.

Am using EP7.0 and WDP is 7.0.11 n JDK is 1.4.2_12.

2) I gone through the "Time -Off process" in GP, in this app the approvel levels and approvers are declared at design time(offcourse approves can be at runtime also), i want to know how can we declare the approvel leves and approvers at run time , means as per the login user we need to decied his approvers n his approvel levels at runtime.

3)In my laptop i installed EP 7.0 trail version n NWDS 7.0.9 n am using JDK is 1.4.2_09

and in my laptop in "Time-Offprocess" i tried to edit(inactive) the process so itz giving Null pointer Exception but this not the case in my office server there itz doing well.And i placed the GP_API n TopLevel DCs in my NWDS 7.0.9 eventhough am not getting caf/eu/gp/api n caf/eu/gp/api/wd in my laptop but in my office IDE itz working.

If anybady have any suggestions plz share with me

Thnaks in Advance