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Jan 23, 2009 at 09:20 AM

Oracle Upgrade / Patching


I've been asked to look into this area from my DBA especially with regards our EP6 which is running oracle 9i. I just can't find reference to it in the mindfield known as sapnet, can anybody point me in the right direction ie is Oracle 10.2.04 ok for EP6 and is the critical patching fine using Oracle's methods.

As part of a review of the applications we are currently hosting, it is likely that we will be implementing a program of applying Oracleu2019s quarterly critical patch updates. To ease the task, we would also be looking to get all databases up to the current release of 10 (, then to apply the critical patch sets as they are issued by Oracle. Initially the plan is to apply the minus 1 release to test for at least a month before applying to production. In short, do you support such a policy, or does this in some way invalidate the support agreement?