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Jan 23, 2009 at 08:10 AM

Addiitonal Custom Duty : JADC


Hi ,

Our Import pricing schema has following two condition types for ADDITIONAL Custom duty

Step Condn Type and Desc from to A/c key Accural

220 JADC Addi. Duty Custom% 215 215 ZCA FR4

221 ZADC Add DtyCust-Non CENV 215 215 ZCA FR4

In case we are using JADC condition type then system is treating amount of this condition as CENVATABLE and not loading this value on MATERIAL

While in case ZADC is being used , it is being treated as CENVATABLE amount.

Therefore wondering what is the setting for that , by which we can control a Import condition from being CENVATABLE ??

Pls note we are using CONDITION based tax procedure .....