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Jan 23, 2009 at 07:01 AM

Funds Management - Transferring MRP PRs to FM using T.code FM_MRP_PR


"Using the transaction FM_MRP_PR, MRP Generated PRs can be / Should be Updated to FM. System expects FM account assignment through derivation rules. Help menu of this transaction says - prerequisites to run this transaction - "" You should maintain the derivation rules or warehouse funds center settings"". I havent thought about this warehouse concept yet.

The only option I have is to get the account assignemts through derivaiton rules, but I donu2019t find a suitable organizational object to derive a fund center from the MRP run PRs becase the MRP is generated at the Plant level that too with account assignment blank.

Incomplete PRs are not updated to FM through this transaction( for eg. No valuation price, purchase gourp not entered or storage location not entered or most importantly when FM accont assignments are not in place.

Since the PRs generated by MRP are with blank account assignment category (stock procurement), I thought I would manually enter a Fund center before I make it subject to FM update through FM_MRP_PR. When i run the transaction after manually entering the fund center , system is not selecting the PR. It isnt either updating the budget consumption as in the normal case.

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