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Wait step triggered by class event

Nov 08, 2016 at 04:23 PM


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Hi experts,

I'm quite new at workflows world and I have a problem in my development.

I'm trying to wake up a wait step with an event developed in a Z class through a FM that is going to be called from PI conexion.

The process is the following:

1. I trigger my workflow and it comes to the wait step and in SWIA I can see the following text:

"Waiting for event 'WAIT_RFC' from object 'ZCL_WF_OBJECT_SUP_PRO'."

2. After that, I execute my FM ZFM_RFC calling a method of the class "ZCL_WF_OBJECT_SUP_PRO-RAISE_WAIT_RFC_EVENT".

Inside this method I use the "CL_SWF_EVT_EVENT=>GET_EVENT_CONTAINER" and then I fill the container with my parameters (supplier_id, supplier_name, partner_guid) with the method "IF_SWF_IFS_PARAMETER_CONTAINER->SET".

And finally, I trigger my event just like this:

CALL METHOD cl_swf_evt_event=>raise


im_objcateg = 'CL'

im_objtype = 'ZCL_WF_OBJECT_SUP_PRO'

im_event = 'WAIT_RFC'

im_objkey = 'SI'

im_event_container = lr_event_parameters. "in this instance I have the container filled with the method SET of the interface "IF_SWF_IFS_PARAMETER_CONTAINER".

And after all of that a COMMIT WORK.

So once made all of this, at SWEL tx I see that my event is triggered but, it seems that is wrongly configurated because the info icon is not in green.

I configured the customizing at the SWETYPV as it could be seen down:

I'm not sure what is wrongly defined, anyone has any idea?

Thank you in advance,


swel.png (3.2 kB)
swel2.png (14.1 kB)
swetypv.png (20.6 kB)
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1 Answer

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Former Member Jan 13, 2017 at 08:10 PM

Hi Julia, did you get to solve this?

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Hi, yes I did. The problem was I had to fill first the object before raising the RFC method.

Hope it works to you too.