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Jan 22, 2009 at 03:22 PM

Welcome Message


Hi Everyone

This forum is designed to facilitate discussions related to the emerging business phenomena of Business Network Transformation. For reference, here's a brief description of the concept.

BNT Background:

The global economy is reshaping relationships among companies in new and not always comfortable ways. Leveraging unprecedented opportunities in communication and collaboration, companies are gaining competitive advantage through networked business models, tapping into talent across the globe to defend themselves against commoditization and disruptive innovation. Such rapidly changing market dynamics are stressing established companiesu2019 investment in rigid u201Cbuilt-to-lastu201D systems and processes. The new era instead calls for fluid,u201Cbuilt- to-adaptu201D networks in which each company focuses on its differentiation and relies increasingly on its partners, suppliers,and customers to supply the rest. Such business networks have come to the fore in the past decade or so as the power of customers and consumers has increased relative to the manufacturers and retailers that serve them. These networks enable these companies to deliver faster innovation to customers at lower costs by sharing investment, assets and ideas. New market opportunities are unlocked by combining the products and services of the business network participants in creative ways and leveraging each otheru2019s market access and infrastructure on a global basis.

Looking forward to a stimulating discussion. Jeff & Simha