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Jan 22, 2009 at 02:30 PM

Segmentation based on Infosets and infoset coding


Hello experts,

It is known that we can use marketing attributes, infosets, BI cube and external list management. Our requirement is to segment customers according to their orders' total gross value, net value and numbe of transactions (for example number of visits that are performed for each customer).

I think we should use here infoset in order to realize this segmentation in SAP CRM. I have created infoset by joining CRMD_ORDER_INDEX and CRMD_PRICING_I. In addition I have added new field into infoset called BP_GROSS (to indicate gross value per BP), written a code in order to retrive data tables and calculate the total gross per BP and write it into additional field.

However we couldn't create a target group by indicating BP_GROSS field (addtional field of infoset). I guess we have problem with coding on infoset. (same code works in ABAP editor-se38)

What might be the reason? Is the syntax in infoset different from ABAP editor or how can we append the total sales into our additional fields? Or should we follow another way in order to segment customers according to their sales order gross value? Any idea?

Thanks in advance.