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Jan 22, 2009 at 03:08 AM

Rebate Customer With holding


Hello Gurus,

We wanted to implement automatic withholdings for our rebate partial settlements where we can withhold tax.

In this context we have implemented a soution where the with holding tax value can be posted to the accoutning. The main issue is the with holding tax condition needs to be statistical as per SAP solution.

We are facing the issue know where the net price in the partial settlement (B3) is different. When the billing is issued to accounting the accoutning document is OK and the tax is deducted correctly and posted properly.

This is raising auditing issue where the net price in the document is different as the pricing doesnt pick up the EWT condition as its statistical. When we issue the invoice , its printing the rebate amount and then prints the EWT tax condition and then the Net Credit amount.


Rebate Condition--> ZDR1 --> $30

EWT Tax(10%) --> -3

Credit Amount --> $ 30 (This is still 30 as EWT is statistical and pricing doesnt pick up).

The invoice is printed as same, as we print the net value as the credit amount (KOMP-NETWR) which is not making any sense and is raising audit issues.

Did anyone face similar kind of issue or can some one suggest a solution?

the major issue we are facing is to make the pricing calculate the EWT tax amount and calculate it in pricing even though its statistical.

We tried by making the EWT condition tax, but faced a hard error in billing having currency discrpeancy error. We found a OSS which says that the EWT condition has to remain statistical.

Any ideas or solution on this is really appreciated.