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Jan 21, 2009 at 07:04 PM

Is 'Show SQL' feature accessible programmatically at runtime?


We were excited to see that the new version of Crystal Reports for Eclipse 2.0 was recently posted to your download site. Since we have a big investment in existing reports developed in Crystal Reports XI already used in our VB6 projects, we were hoping to leverage these same .rpt files, eliminating any need for a rewrite, and integrate them with our ported Java/JSP/JSF/Tomcat Web version of the same product. One feature we leverage heavily from VB6 is the u2018Show SQLu2019 feature that allows us to dynamically change the SQL Statement u2018on the flyu2019 programmatically from VB6 code. For Example:

Global myReport As CRAXDRT.Report

mySQLString = myReport.SQLQueryString

'... Manipulate 'From Clause' in mySQLString

myReport.SQLQueryString = mySQLString

I saw somewhere that the u2018Show SQLu2019 feature was not supported in the 1.0 version, however I was wondering if u2018Show Sqlu2019 is now supported in the new version of Crystal Reports for Eclipse 2.0?

If not, can you suggest any workaround that may allow us to programmatically manage the SQL statement u2018on the flyu2019 at runtime rather than design time. Without this ability, the value of the Crystal Reports for Eclipse plugin is substantially diminished? Or maybe, we're missing the boat... is there a better way to perform filtering on the resulting recordset (?) including swapping out table names in the 'From' clause?

Thank you in advance...