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Jan 21, 2009 at 12:26 PM

ArchiveLink - Content Repository Configuration - Employee photos



I'm working with Adobe Forms and I need to show the photo of an employee depending on the personnel number. The problem is that it seems to be that we would need the path of the photos on the server (I think on the Unix server) to be able to show them in the Adobe form, but we actually couldn't find the path where they are physically stored.

The photos are being stored with ArchiveLink, using the content repository YE, which is configured as follows:

Content Repository: YE

Description: ...

Document Area: ArchiveLink

Storage type: SAP System Database

Rep. Sub-Type: Normal

Protocol: SAPAL

Version Number: 0046

Contents Table: ZCONT_DB --->> the structure of this table corresponds to the table SDOKCONT1

Transfer directory: Z_GRAF_EMPLEADOS2

Physical path: O:\DACON_RH\Sapgraf_prl\

When calling 'HR_IMAGE_EXISTS' and 'SCMS_DOC_URL_READ' functions to get the URLs of the photos, those functions return URLs like this:


but those URLs don't work in our Adobe form as the path of the photo (we put that URL in the place of the path for the photo, and the photo isn't shown).

Does anyone know where could be the photos physically stored or what can I do to solve this problem?